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Sync email to Outlook

How to add an email to Outlook. Our hosting packages come complete with Roundcube Webmail as standard. Clients sometimes would like to continue using their preferred email provider.

Forwarding emails to your Outlook account from Webmail isn’t foolproof, third party email providers may have spam filters in place that will wrongly filter genuine emails as spam. Sometimes not even delivered to the spam folder, they just disappear.

So the better way of doing things is to set up your business email on your preferred email provider.

Here, we will show you step-by-step how to configure your Outlook settings on your desktop to retrieve your emails rather than using Webmail.

Sync Email to Outlook – Step 1

Head on over to your Outlook emails.

Click on the settings icon in the top right of the screen

Select ‘View all Outlook settings

Select ‘Sync Email

Sync email to Outlook step 1
Sync email to Outlook step 1

Sync Email to Outlook – Step 2

You should now be on the ‘connect your account’ screen.

Complete fields with your email address that you would like to add and the password chosen when adding the email account at the origin server.

Click ‘OK

Sync email to Outlook step 2

Sync Email to Outlook – Step 3

This is where you are required to add your own specific server information. Contact your host or check your cPanel for your own specific server details.  The server information displayed on screenshots below are examples for clients using Eastleigh SEO Web Designs hosting.

Congratulations! You have successfully added an email to your Outlook account.

Return to your Outlook emails and you will start seeing your emails come through to the new inbox created.


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