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Search Engine Optimisation

SEO Services in Eastleigh, Hampshire.

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SEO is key to having a successful website that a provides a great return on investment (ROI).

GoogleBing and Yahoo display links to website pages considered relevant and credible to users search queries.

The ultimate goal is to have a website or web page on the 1st page of Google ahead of competitors.

Local SEO

Grow your business and get ahead of the competition!
Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the process of optimising your website and improving its long-term visibility on the internet.  This increases better quality traffic of targeted visitors who want to buy your products and services.


SEO Services

We are an SEO Web Design company in Eastleigh, Hampshire.  Our services help businesses improve their professional online image and convert more website visitors into customers.  We target the main areas that you want to win business in and make sure you appear locally when searched online.

Our all in one SEO website design package includes everything needed for a fully fledged search engine optimised website.  Fully responsive and well-coded designs that will jump-start your new website in search engine rankings.  Suitable for businesses who require a new or redesigned, modern website. The easy no-nonsense SEO web design service.

For existing websites, our directory listings service will take control of your local citations and vastly improve your local search engine rankings in Google.  We’ll create listings, distribute data and update where necessary to ensure existing listings are consistent across the World Wide Web.

Our database consists of 100’s of local and niche directories, national citation sites and map sites.

Any inaccurate or missing information is updated to avoid potential issues that are harmful to your local SEO ranking.

Existing websites can also utilise our onsite SEO services where vital optimisation factors are implemented.  Every important page and the site as a whole is audited and optimised to increase authority in the eyes of Google.

We focus on content ensuring correct meta titles, meta tags and meta descriptions are in place and images are compressed and named appropriately named and sized.

It’s no secret Google loves sites with plenty of useful information for users.  Every web page should have plenty of original, fresh, search engine friendly content.  Content is key for successful SEO and we will check and update where necessary.

We look through pages to identify any problems and optimise accordingly, utilising valuable SEO tactics and strategies on the way.

SEO Examples

A selection of our SEO clients, all on the first page of Google and continuing to rise in the rankings. Each image will take you to their search positions on Google for a relevant search term.  These are a mixture of websites we may have designed or were built by a third party and optimised by Eastleigh SEO Web Design afterwards.









FactThere are over 200 ranking factors

Search Engine Optimisation

Search engine optimisation starts with a well-coded and structured website that looks great on both mobiles and desktops.  Websites should contain rich informative content so that Google recognises the products and services being offered.

Return on Investment

SEO is relatively inexpensive, long lasting and, therefore, a good return on investment.  It is POWERFUL as the results are more stable and its benefits last the lifetime of your website.

Google Search Results

Google serves the best relevant search results possible to its users.  It is smart and knows if you are searching for a builder, you probably want one that is local.  Therefore lists local businesses first before listing those further afield. Businesses who first concentrate on local SEO will achieve quicker and better results.  Visitors are more likely to be actively looking to buy your products and services.

Google Rankings

Everyone wants their website to rank above competitors on Google search results. It is a constant race to stay ahead. Results aren’t instant and SEO improvements can take months to be recognised by search engines.  It’s a long-term commitment and investment, but the most rewarding.  Google updates its algorithms all the time, therefore, it is a never ending process.  But the longer you leave it, the further ahead your competitors will be.

Google Adwords

Google Adwords is pay-per-click advertising.  Adverts are displayed at the top of organic search results and on 3rd party website ad spaces.  Ads are charged per click.  The number of paid ads shown has also decreased to just 4 ‘above the fold’. Above the fold meaning what is first shown on your screen.  This is likely to mean the cost of paid ads will dramatically increase.

Keyword Researchand Competitor Analysis

Our know-how on keyword and competitor research and analysis allows us to find what your competitors have used to get on the first page of Google. Along with many other factors, this will eventually have your website listed up there in the top local search results!
We identify the keywords your target audience use when searching for products or services.  It is a crucial step of the SEO process.


SEO enables search engines to categorise and rank your website with relevant keywords.  Trying to rank for one word isn’t likely to bring successful results.  Searchers narrow down results with several detailed and specific keywords in their query. And increasingly, more people are speaking to their searches instead of typing and asking more natural questions.  Multi-word search queries are known as long-tail keywords.  We choose the best keywords based on search frequency and relevance to your website and what products and services you sell.

Link Building

Link building is another crucial search engine optimisation tactic used to increase search visibility by having other quality websites link (hyperlinks) back to your site.

Googles algorithm analyses the number and quality of links from other web pages to determine the authority of a website.

How Much Does SEO Cost?

SEO in itself is a very complex process and agencies can be pretty expensive.  We work with small and start-up businesses to increase their local visibility. Budget is always a factor with a smaller company so we have devised a local SEO strategy that will provide great results for a fraction of the normal cost.  The best and cheapest option is to let us build or redesign a website for your business and have local SEO as an add-on.

SEO Web Design Package

Our clients websites are built with SEO in mind.  If your business is lacking a professional website and you want to be found on Google we offer packages to include both web design and search engine optimisation.

Our prices are extremely competitive and we will be happy to discuss your requirements with you.   Alternatively, please contact us with details and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

1st Page on Google

Any credible SEO agency will not guarantee page one rankings on Google!  They can get you on the first page of Google, sure – but for long-tail keywords no-one’s searching for.

It is common for SEO companies to choose several keywords that have a low search volume to rank you for.  The lower the search volume means lower the level of competition. But there’s no point ranking number 1 for keywords that won’t bring you visitors.

FACTGoogles algorithm for ranking pages is always evolving and changing. SEO is a long-term, worthwhile investment to keep on top.

SEO Result Times

Most clients generally start seeing results from SEO within 4-6 months.  Remember, SEO is an ongoing process and better results grow over time.  The benefits will be even greater in 12 months than at 6 months.

However, it depends on many factors including domain name age and how good the website is.  While you are waiting to see marked improvements there are things you can do too.

Onsite vs Offsite

Onsite vs offsite or on-page versus off-page. These terms pop up a lot, so just throwing in a brief explanation here.  Offsite is increasing inbound links from other quality sites to a website as a whole.  Onsite is ensuring your website, its structure and content are optimised adequately.  Off-page is the same as offsite but per individual landing page opposed to on-page which is optimisation for each page.

White Hat SEO

You may have come across the terms white hat and black hat SEO. Simply put, black hat is unethical and a no no! These are sneaky ways to get your website top of search rankings. They may work short term but have serious repercussions in the long run.  Google isn’t daft and is coming up with more ways to catch you out! If a site is considered to be using black hat methods, it will be penalised. This means your website will be demoted to the bottom of the rankings, or not listed at all!

White hat methods are the exact opposite.  Providing all the work on your site is above board and is in compliance with search engine policies, your website will maintain its prominent position in the search engine rankings.