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You have set up your business website. Now what? Do you wait for customers to simply find you or do you put measures in place to make it easier for them to come to you? If you think the latter, then you are on the road to optimising your online presence.

SEO Link Building Basics 2017

SEO Link building is a crucial aspect of search engine optimisation but only if it is done right. Take a look at how link building can make the difference for your business.

How Link Building Works

Link building shows search engines how pages relate to each another and help improve your rankings. There are internal links which connect pages of your website to each other. External links (outbound) connect to relevant website pages outside your own website. Inbound links, or backlinks, generate link juice that drives your website’s optimisation. These are links from other sources linking to your website.

Benefits of SEO Link Building for Your business

Apart from the obviously improved search engine rankings, link building can benefit your website in many other ways. When done right, it improves referral traffic to your website. It also improves your domain and page authority to rank organically. It is a way to expose your brand and develop your brand authority.

How Not to Do Link Building

Some who profess to grow your online presence to number one in Google quickly are planning to use black hat SEO tactics. These tactics will eventually get your business site blacklisted by search engines and will hurt your business in the long run. Posting on random websites, forums and registering with inappropriate directories will damage your site’s reputation.

How to Do Link Building Right

Link building starts from a point of strategy. Knowing what your overall aim is, you can develop the right course of action to systemically structure and begin a successful link building campaign. This involves identifying the pages that need to be linked and why. This includes links:

  • going to your homepage
  • to your services/products pages
  • for exposing deep content in your site

It means identifying your target keywords and finding appropriate link targets that will generate “link juice” to your website.

It is not an overnight quick-fix but one that takes time and will eventually yield incredible rewards. It is a marketing strategy that when used right will result in all the benefits above and more.

If you want to experience the difference that an expert search engine optimiser can make for your business website through white hat SEO and linking strategies, then contact Eastleigh SEO Web Design. We are the SEO experts and quality link builders to grow your business.


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